Denise A. Wirtz, DM

Sexuality Education Researcher, Writer, and Sexual Health Educator & Concierge

Helping You Host Your Sex Education Class and Workshop, Bachelorette or Adult Sex Toy Parties Portland, Oregon Area


Guiding Pleasure Principles

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest!!! 

As an advocate of enthusiastic consent, I have learned that for all we think we know about sex, many among us (especially women) don’t understand that it is our birthright to not only have great sex, but to also luxuriate and fully enjoy it! I’m here as your Concierge in the Portland, Oregon area to open the doorways to greater sexual knowledge, pleasure, and fulfillment!

con·cierge – 1640s, from French concierge “caretaker, doorkeeper, porter,” probably from Vulgar Latin *conservius, from Latin conservus,” (from com “with, together” + servius “slave”)

The language, of course, has changed since the 1600s, referencing house servants who were gatekeepers (typically of royalty), and most of us are familiar today with concierges who work in hotels and other establishments. They are the gatekeepers of local-area information, and the go-to people when staying in those establishments.

In the context of My Secret Soiree, as your Concierge, I am a gatekeeper of adult sexual education and knowledge about sexual pleasure, and am honored to be in the service of bringing this vital knowledge to others!

If you have any questions or want to book an adult sex toy party in the Portland, Oregon area, please contact me.

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Denise A. Wirtz has been a health care professional in both clinical and administrative capacities for more than 20 years. In 2012, she earned her doctorate of management degree, and established a nonprofit sex education research company in 2013.

Denise’s focus and passion for sex-positive, all-inclusive sex education is a cornerstone of her approach, with respect for all people first and foremost. She is here to meet you where you are, to guide you to an improved understanding of your own body, your pleasure centers, and find what works best for you.

Denise is here to provide you with the sex education you should have gotten, that we all should have gotten, before entering the adult world.

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